tele cycling furniture.


Your bike. Your home. Your space.

Available finishes

Tele Cycling furniture Vam Wood Finish
Hook to hang the bike
Piece to separate the wheel from the wall

When the passion for cycling and furniture meet.

A piece of furniture created for cycling lovers. Design and elegance come together to create this collection of furniture designed to store your bike and all accessories.

Exclusive design

A unique and specific piece of furniture for your bicycle and accessories. A piece of furniture designed exclusively for cycling lovers.

Quality materials

Made with high quality materials.Each piece of furniture is handcrafted in Spain.

Finishes options

Empty Vam

This is how Vam looks empty. You can see all the space you have to store bike stuff.

Full Vam

This is how Vam looks full, with the bike hanging from hook and all bike stuff stored in shelves and drawer.

Made-to-measure program

Contact us to project your own product with our professional program.